Who We Are

A lot has changed since ASAP Aquatics was founded in 1996, but what’s stayed consistent are the principles guiding our work. Service, Honesty, Results, and Pride form the foundation of everything we do. ‘Service First’ is the cornerstone of our philosophy, and we believe that an honest day’s work brings proven results. No matter what your water needs -we’re here to help restore its value, beauty, and usability.

What We Do

We offer a full range of services to manage and revitalize your water!


Algae & Weed Control

Scum, Moss, Seaweed, Grass – whatever you call your water’s vegetation problems, we can offer a solution. We are licensed by the Indiana State Chemist and use only EPA approved products.  Our preferred seasonal programs with weekly service are the best, custom plans are offered or just one time applications.


Rip Rap

Improve the stability and aesthetic value of your shoreline with rip rap. This hearty stone border helps prevent erosion and reduces bloom-causing nutrients and sediment from entering the water.  It deters muskrat burrows and serves as a great guide when mowing the grass.


Muck Reduction

Ponds get shallower with each passing day – leaves, weeds, algae, and other debris sink to the bottom thickening the growing layer of muck. Using a blend of natural, beneficial bacteria, we can help your pond safely and rapidly dissolve this smelly, dirty muck.


Emersed Weed Control

Emersed plants grow up and out of the water, like cattails, primrose and phragmites. Our seasonal programs or single applications offer stress-free alternatives for keeping your water looking great!


Fountains & Aeration

Proud to be Central Indiana’s largest fountain and aeration service center.  Moving water is cleaner, healthier and prettier – whether a high volume fountain with a visual display or a submersed aeration system with bubbles.  We can provide turn key installation and protect your investment with seasonal winterization and maintenance by our factory trained technicians.


Goose Fence

Geese are dirty, can damage landscape and a ponds ecology.  We’ve tried all the solutions over the years and have found this barrier to be the most effective.  Geese don’t like barriers between the shore and the water because they don’t feel safe.  Geese will leave and go to water with easier access.

What makes ASAP different?

  • Over 25 years of industry experience.
  • “Service First” is our guiding principle.
  • Dedicated office and field staff ready to help.
  • Customized options to meet your needs.
  • Use only proven EPA registered products.
  • Committed to customer satisfaction.

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